Meet us

Motivi Top d.o.o. develops, produces and sells ingredients for making homemade ice cream under its own brand Motivi. Our production site is located in Ozeljan near Nova Gorica.
Our customers are pastry shops and restaurants. Currently, we sell 30 % of our products in Slovenia and 70 % on non-domestic markets, mostly in Europe, where we sell our products using distributors. In our production process we employ advanced technologies, best manufacturing practice principles and a HACCP system.
We are renowned for our high-quality products at competitive prices and for our business excellence. We offer our customers development support throughout the production process so we end up with scopes of premium ice cream.

The company Motivi Top d.o.o. was founded in May of 2003. Our company was founded and developed using our own know-how and experience. Our very beginnings date back to 1990, to the company Valmar d.o.o, where we began developing ice cream machines as well as the ingredients, as the market showed a need for it.


  •    GD Uvoznik: ASINUM LACTE D.O:0, Slavonska avenija 7, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska, Tel.: +385 98 9903884

  •    ME Uvoznik: ICE COMPANY d.o.o. Črna Gora,M. Bulatoviča 44, 81000 Podgorica, Tel: +382 69 435 836

  •  RS Uvoznik: S.Z.T.R. KIKINDJANKA Kralja Petra prvog 73, 23300 Kikinda, Srbija, tel.:+381 64 3993435

  •    BA Uvoznik: CONI PLUS d.o.o., Brače Begiča 27a,70001 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina,+387 62293796

  •    SK Dovozca: ČAKO, s.r.o., Radvanska 9,97405 Banska Bistrica, Tel: +421 905459830

  •    NL Importeur: LADOLED ICE, Meentvveg 13, 1271 Pv Huizen,1012/1273 Ba Huizen, Nederland, Tel: +31 653627015

  •    MK Uvoznik: KRISTAL COMPANY, 137 Gostivar,Makedonija Tel.fax:+389 42 215 021.mob. +389 70 215 021

  •    CZ Dovozce: ZBYNEK VALSA, Vlineves 108, 27701 Dolni Berkovice. Tel: +42 0777118866,